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Our Solution - Clean feedstocks

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Concerns about the environment and in particular greenhouse gases and the Kyoto Protocol are providing pressure to develop alternatives to petroleum products.

We at Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. hold a key part of the solution - a solution that is based on the outstanding lubricating properties of Castor Oil and the oil's unique applicability to a wide range of industrial applications. Using the gene responsible for Castor oil's exceptionally versatile properties we intend to engineer oilseed crops that can substitute for petroleum-derived products.

We are specifically interested in developing clean motor oils and lubricant components, as well as providing feedstocks to manufacturers of polymers, such as nylon.

Studies have shown that using an oil that can be produced in a genetically modified oilseed crop can reduce emissions in the average SUV-type vehicle by almost 300lbs annually using average driving conditions. These emissions include nitrous oxides, carbon sources, volatiles, particulates and hydrocarbons.



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