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It has been over 70 years since a new source of plant derived industrial oil has been discovered and commercialized on a major scale.

The most recent example is castor oil, used in the manufacture of nylon, cosmetics, lubricants, foams, and surfactants. In fact, castor is used in over 100 different industrial applications.

We believe two powerful factors are working together to create a window of opportunity for the development of new sources for industrial oils.

The first factor involves our current environmental concerns, in particular, the Kyoto Protocol and issues related to greenhouse gases.

The second involves recent advances in science, in particular, plant biotechnology and molecular biology.

Castor oil, Tung oil, Jojoba oil and other industrial oils typically sell for a 50% to 100% premium over edible oils such as canola oil.

We intend to create high value oilseed crops which can compete with, as well as replace, traditional petroleum-based products. Since these products are plant derived and require minimal modification, they are biodegradable and non-polluting.



Castor oil




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